Stay hydrated in the UK heatwave with 43% off the SodaStream Genesis at Amazon

Get the SodaStream Genesis for just £56.99 at Amazon this weekend

SodaStream Genesis deal
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Another heatwave has hit the UK and an amber extreme heat warming has come into force due to the scorching temperatures. While we’re loving the sun, we can’t lie that it’s maybe a bit too hot! Not only are people struggling to sleep in the heat (see our tips to sleeping in a heatwave for more) but you might find that you’re overheating quicker by not drinking enough fluids.

If you struggle to stay hydrated or you don’t enjoy drinking water, make your fluids more tasty and exciting with a SodaStream. Right now at Amazon, the SodaStream Genesis has been given a 43% discount, helping shoppers save money on this premium sparkling water machine.

View the SodaStream Genesis deal at Amazon

Originally priced at £99.99, the SodaStream Genesis is now just £56.99, with Amazon knocking £43 off the price. While the SodaStream Genesis is one of the older models from the brand, this cordless manual sparkling water machine easily fizzes up your water to make refreshing drinks, perfect for the current heatwave.

Investing in a SodaStream is a handy way to increase your water consumption and create healthier drinks than shop-bought sodas. For those who find it hard to drink 1.2 litres of water a day (which is the recommended daily intake by the NHS), using a SodaStream can help you stay hydrated and improve your general health and wellbeing.

The SodaStream Genesis comes with the sparkling water maker, a 1 litre reusable BPA free water bottle and a 60 litre CO2 gas cylinder. If you prefer flavoured water or drinks, the Amazon SodaStream store has plenty of flavours to choose from, like Pepsi, 7UP, tonic, cream soda and more. If you buy them in a bundle, you can save extra money on different flavours and multiple packs.

To view the SodaStream Genesis deal, click the link above or keep reading for more details. If you fancy a different SodaStream model, check out the best SodaStream deals for all the options.

SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker Machine: was £99.99, now £56.99 at Amazon

SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker Machine: was £99.99, now £56.99 at Amazon
Save £43 on the SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Machine at Amazon. Make your drinking water more exciting and hydrating by turning it into sparkling water with a quick touch of a button. It comes with a 1 litre bottle that can be used again and again and a gas cylinder which produces up to 60 litres of sparkling water. It’s the perfect addition to any kitchen, especially on hot days. Deal ends 14th August 2022.

For even more deals on SodaStream machines, the SodaStream website has offers on its Spirit Hydration pack, its Crystal Starter and Hydration packs and money off its summer limited edition packs. To find out what you get from each pack and how much you can save on them today, we’ve got all the details below, plus you can search for more SodaStream deals in our deals widget.

SodaStream Spirit Hydration Pack: was £132.96, now £79.99 at SodaStream

SodaStream Spirit Hydration Pack: was £132.96, now £79.99 at SodaStream
Save £52.97 on the SodaStream Spirit at SodaStream. The Spirit machine is available in multiple colours and the Hydration Pack comes with a carbonating cylinder, x2 1 litre bottles and x2 0.5 litre bottles. You'll also get the Organic Old Fashioned Lemonade and Raspberry & Mint Sodapress flavours included in this bundle deal.

SodaStream Crystal Starter Pack: was £149.99, now £99.99 at SodaStream

SodaStream Crystal Starter Pack: was £149.99, now £99.99 at SodaStream
The SodaStream Crystal Starter Pack comes with the sparkling water maker, carbonating cylinder and the 620ml glass carafe. The Crystal Hydration Pack is also for sale and has been given a £37.97 price cut, taking it down to £149.99.

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