Spotify offline playback finally arrives on Wear OS watches – with a few catches

Spotify offline listening lands on Wear OS watches

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Spotify’s offline playback update is now beginning to roll out to certain Google Wear OS watches – and some users appear to already have access to the playback feature. 

Earlier this month, Spotify announced it would launch the ability to download songs, podcasts, and other audio content directly to your watch ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 launch, set to be later this month. The news was highlighted as a possible standout feature to be used in concert with the new device. 

Android Central first picked up the news, after several posts on the Wear OS subreddit, in which users have variously purported to have access to the offline playback feature on their watches. And though the upcoming Wear OS 3-powered Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been stealing most of the headlines of late, the offline playback update won't just be exclusive to the new Samsung watch. 

Older watches will also get the offline playback functionality, with the caveat that your watch will need to be running Wear OS 2 or later, according to Spotify’s official blog. That's good news if you're still holding onto your original Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Spotify offline playback feature

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Besides the Wear OS 2 minimum requirements for your watch to be able to handle offline playback, you’ll also need to be a Spotify premium subscriber to download playlists and albums for offline listening. Podcasts, however, can be downloaded for offline listening by both paid and free users of the streaming service.

Overall, it's nice to see Spotify making good on its playback promises to Wear OS devices, especially with Spotify's offline listening feature already available for Premium users who own an Apple Watch Series 3, as well as any newer devices running watchOS 6 and onwards. If you prefer watchOS to Wear OS, then you can check out our best Apple Watch picks to help you choose the hardware you need for all of your offline listening needs.

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