Spotify finally brings its most fun feature to your desktop

It's Jam today as Spotify brings its live listening party feature to the desktop version of the Spotify app

Spotify Jam on desktop
(Image credit: Spotify)

Spotify Jam, the streamer's multi-user music sharing feature, came to mobile apps back in September – but there was one important omission. The feature was mobile-only because it hadn't been integrated into the desktop app. That's changed, and from today you can Jam from the Spotify app on your PC or Mac.

The feature makes it easy to create a listening party with other Spotify subscribers. It works a little differently on desktop than on mobile because the desktop app is a little different, but it's simple enough to do.

Here's how to get a Jam on Spotify for PC or Mac.

How to create a Spotify Jam, and what you can do in it

In the desktop app, find a song or playlist and right click on it. You should now see the new Start a Jam option just below Add to Queue. The same option is also available in the Now Playing view and in the Queue in your sidebar.

When you create your Jam, it'll open up the Queue in the sidebar. Now you need to click on the Invite button which, as you'd expect, enables you to add listeners to your party. This creates a scannable QR code for people who are right there with you, and a shareable link for people who are not.

There's an important limitation here: free users can only join a Jam in person, so while they can access it on their Spotify app they're listening to it on your audio setup and your speakers. You need to be a Premium subscriber to join remotely and listen on your own hardware.

The invitation process works the same way in reverse, so if someone invites you to their Jam it's just a matter of scanning the QR code if you're with them or using the shared link if you're not.

Once you've invited your listeners, or been invited by someone else, what happens next is a synchronised, real-time listening session where any member of the Jam can add to the queue, skip tracks or move to a different playlist. You can turn this off if you don't want your pals to mess around with your carefully curated playlist, or if you have that one pal whose taste in music is decidedly dodgy.

Jam is available now in the desktop app and you can find out more at the Spotify newsroom.

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