Spoke London has created the "best fitting T-shirts ever made"

Just in time for summer!

Spoke Bespoke T-shirts
(Image credit: Spoke London)

A quality, plain T-shirt should the staple of any wardrobe, but finding one that fits perfectly can often be difficult.

Enter Spoke, a London-based menswear brand dedicated to creating perfectly fitting clothing, without hassle of trying stuff on – all you need to do is answer a quick questionnaire.

“Most brands make options for the top half in five or six sizes. Frankly, we don’t know how they got away with it for so long,” says Spoke founder and CEO Ben Farren.

“Small, Medium and Large is a blunt sizing scheme, designed to manage inventory, not to deliver fit — and we’re all left making compromises. A tee that bunches under your arms or pinches at your biceps, maybe it doubles as a crop top or maybe the hemline bellows around your knees."

After testing on a bunch of real men and 25 prototypes later, Spoke believe they've created the best fitting T-shirts ever made, and, after trying it, we're inclined to agree.

Spoke Bespoke T-shirts

(Image credit: Spoke London)

This isn't the first time Spoke has been featured on T3, the brand started creating perfectly fitting chinos which were finished to order in over 200 sizes. 

As with the chinos, Spoke has created an algorithm that determines the perfect size for any customer. 

The online Fit Finder asks a series of questions before recommending your exact fit specification out of over 40 possible combinations - across three dimensions: 7 chests, 3 lengths, and 2 cuts through the torso. 

Being a taller gent, I find T-shirts are usually too short, especially when tucking them in. The two I ordered from Spoke were a perfect length, and can be tucked in without the constant fear of them popping out.

So, the fit is great, but what about the quality? 

We didn't have any issues there, either. Spoke use 160g single-knit cotton for a soft, smooth feel without being heavy or stiff, and the fabric is trimmed with twin-needle-edge stitching and discreet side-splits. 

The SPOKE T-Shirt are available now in five colours; navy, grey marl, white, black and riviera blue. 

They're priced at £35 and are available exclusively at on Spoke's website.

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