Soon: the no clutter, no mess bucket list app

Your everyday bucket list wish a dash of organisation

'Soon' offers a much simpler way to organise your wish list, with categories such as books, films, restaurants you can keep track of all the things you want to do in a mini 'bucket list' style app.

The app organises your wish list into set categories, so as soon as you hear about something your desperate to try, open the app up, and add it to your wish list and the app will reveal its location. Once you've been there tick it off the list and it will put it in the 'past' section to bring up at later date.

If you're thinking 'what's the point? I could just use a notepad styled app and I wont have to bother with yet another wish list type app'. However when your friend tells you about a fantastic new restaurant to try you probably jot it down on a messy notepad app next to your shopping list and completely forget about it. In using Soon it wasn't just another app, which you download and don't seem to use.

It's clearly laid out categories means ticking off things you really want to do turn into something organised, and end up getting through most of the list (even if that list revolves around endless Netflix).

Another handy feature with this app is the social element. You can follow others and see what's on their top lists. A trending section on the app also shows you what's hot in your area, so you'll never be stuck of things to do.