Sonos Ace headphones imminent as Sonos teases official launch

Sonos takes to social networks to announce a launch time

Sonos Ace leak
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Sonos has sent customers an email that confirms its next big product is "coming soon" – tomorrow, in fact.

We'd bet the house on it being the much-rumoured, long-awaited Sonos Arc headphones.

A new Sonos product will launch tomorrow, Tuesday 21 May 2024, with the company confirming as much through "coming soon" teaser emails sent to registered customers in the last couple of days.

We've received the email ourselves, in fact, which states the launch will take place at 2pm BST – that's 6am PDT, 9am EDT, or 3pm CEST, depending on your location.

While it doesn't mention the new device, we have little doubt that the "most requested product" will be Sonos' first wireless headphones – leaked recently as the Sonos Ace.

Sonos Ace teaser email

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Pics and details for the long-awaited over-ears appeared online last week, which suggested that they were imminent. Now it seems we'll get to see them for real tomorrow.

Sonos also teased the launch on its Instagram feed, with a pulsing soundwave-style graphic, further reinforcing the prospect of us finally getting to check out the Sonos Ace headphones.

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The earlier leak, which came via a parts supplier called Schuurman, revealed a pair of headphones not hugely dissimilar to Apple's AirPods Max. Rumoured prices would suggest that they're aiming at the exact same user too.

Another indication for the launch came from Amazon suddenly dropping the price of the AirPods Max in the US, to compete with the expected cost of the Sonos' equivalents – around $449. Apple's headphones usually retail for $100 more.

In terms of leaked specs, we don't yet know much about the audio performance of the Sonos Ace over-ears, but they will sport USB-C connectivity. We've also heard previously that they'll come with Wi-Fi network support as well as Bluetooth.

That's so they can connect with other Sonos wireless audio gear, such the the Sonos Arc soundbar, and Sonos Era 300 speaker.

Thankfully, we won't have long to wait to find out more. T3 will be covering the launch in full, so join us to discover everything you need to know about the new Sonos product that's "coming soon".

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