Move over Apple AirPods Max, the Sonos Ace is coming

The high-end audio brand's first pair of wireless headphones should be a knockout

Apple AirPods Max review
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Popular audio brand, Sonos, looks set to reveal its first pair of wireless headphones.

A new leak has showcased images of the unit, giving us a first look at the rumoured design.

While the world of technology is packed with goodies, there is nothing quite like a solid pair of wireless headphones. These over-ear units generally mark the very top of the food chain for brands, bringing the best audio quality and technology to market.

Most high-end audio manufacturers have already unveiled a product in the space. But a notable exception is Sonos. Known for top quality audio products – like the T3 Award winning Sonos Era 300 – the brand has a notable headphone-shaped gap in its current line-up.

That looks set to change, though. Rumours have been spreading for a while about the brand unveiling a pair of headphones – and these latest leaks suggest they could be coming soon.

Dubbed the Sonos Ace headphones, the model has leaked from a parts supplier for the brand called Schuurman. A series of images showcase the headphones themselves, as well as the accessories which come with them.

There is a point of interest there. We can clearly see the headphones, as well as a headphone cable and a USB-C cable. There's also the headphone case – but a smaller case can also be seen in the image. It's not quite clear what this houses, though I'd wager a guess that it's for the cables rather than anything more exciting.

The images also showcase the design language. As you'd expect of Sonos, that's sleek and modern, with a matte black appearance almost totally devoid of straight edges.

A good array of buttons can be spotted on the cups themselves. That's a good sign and suggests that users won't have to rely on a phone app to enjoy control of their audio experience.

Rumoured pricing also places these at around $450. That's certainly on the high side, but would still be more than attainable for users. It puts them in a similar bracket as the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones and the Airpods Max, and just a little more expensive than the Sony WH-1000XM5 units. 

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