Smeg launches high performance blender that beats fruit, vegetables and nuts to a pulp

Want to get healthy in the new year? Smeg’s new high performance blender is here to help

Smeg BLC02WHMUK High Performance Blender
(Image credit: Smeg)

Smeg has just announced its new high performance blender, adding to its already impressive line-up of the best blenders. The Smeg BLC02WHMUK High Performance Blender is the latest model from the brand, and it’s been equipped with impressive accessories that make smoothies, desserts and soups smoother and last longer.

If you haven’t heard of Smeg, you probably have, as they’re the name behind the iconic retro-inspired appliances that have cemented themselves in kitchens around the world. While Smeg is most known for its classic collection of the best fridges, the past couple of years have been blender-heavy for the brand.

Last year saw the release of the Smeg’s personal blenders, and as someone who uses one every week, I can confidently say that Smeg blenders pack a punch when it comes to blending and mulching fruits and vegetables. In my Smeg PBF01 Personal Blender review, I mentioned that I thought it would be slightly more powerful and that it struggles occasionally if it doesn’t have enough liquid.

So, when I heard that Smeg was coming out with an all-new high performance blender, I was excited to see what it could do. To give it its full name, the Smeg BLC02WHMUK High Performance Blender is big, bold and beautiful, as is to be expected with Smeg products. The blender has been equipped with a powerful 1400W motor that blends smoothies, soups, sauces, nut butters and frozen desserts without breaking a sweat.

What’s most exciting about the Smeg High Performance Blender is its new vacuum pump accessory. The vacuum pump works to extract air from the blender jug which reduces oxidation, preserves flavours and colours, and results in smoother textures. If you’re a regular smoothie maker, you’re probably aware of how smoothies that aren’t drunk right away can start to look a little split and discoloured, but this clever vacuum pump solves this problem and keeps your food and drinks fresher for longer.

Smeg BLC02WHMUK High Performance Blender in black on a white background

(Image credit: Smeg)

The Smeg High Performance Blender has a large 1.5-litre capacity and five automatic programmes to choose from, including smoothies, ice crushing, frozen desserts and more. Depending on the programme you choose, the Smeg High Performance Blender can be customised for Single Serve mode or Family Serve mode, so you can make one or multiple batches and servings at a time.

Situated at the front of the blender base is the speed control knob which has an LCD display. If you’re unsure how long to blend for to get the perfect soup or butter consistency, the count up display assists you with recipes that require a specific blending time. The Smeg High Performance Blender also has nine speeds and a pulse function to deliver the best results every time.

As Smeg is known for its 50s retro design, the Smeg High Performance Blender is no exception and has a sleek minimalist style that will look attractive in any and all kitchens. The Smeg High Performance Blender is currently available in matte black or matte white, both of which can match nicely to other Smeg products.

As it’s the start of 2024, many people will be heading to the gym, upping their fruit and vegetable intake, and looking for other ways to healthify their lives. The Smeg High Performance Blender is the perfect kitchen appliance to help fitness enthusiasts reach their goals… the only catch? It’s not exactly cheap but it’s an investment that will last for years to come.

The Smeg High Performance Blender is available to buy at Smeg for £499.95.

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