Smarty SIM only deal delivers 200GB data for just £14 a month

Get cheap SIM only deals for just £14 in the Smarty Christmas sale

Smarty SIM only deals, Smarty Christmas sale
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Looking for a cheap SIM only deal this Christmas? Well you're in luck, as Smarty has just launched its Christmas sale which offers money off its most popular SIM plans and double the data for record low prices.

For those who want big data for a cheap monthly cost with no strings attached, Smarty is the best provider to look at. The best deal we've found from the Smarty Christmas sale is on the 200GB data SIM only plan. Originally priced at £17, the 200GB data SIM only plan is now just £14 a month at Smarty.

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The 200GB data SIM only plan not only offers a huge amount of data but it comes with unlimited calls and texts, and 5G and EU roaming at no extra cost. At just £14 a month, this SIM only plan is on a no contract basis, so you can start and cancel your Smarty SIM whenever you want.

At T3, we’re big fans of Smarty, mainly because they have the best SIM only deals on the market. They have a wide range of data options available, from as little as 4GB all the way up to unlimited data. With flexible 1 month plans and no tie-ins, Smarty gives you the freedom over your contract and delivers fast speeds, powered by Three’s reliable network.

While many people will be looking to save some serious cash on big purchases this year, it’s definitely worth looking for cheap prices on broadband packages and phone contracts in the Christmas sales. The cost of living crisis has been hard on everyone, but Smarty has promised both new and existing customers that if they sign up for a Smarty SIM, they won’t be faced with any annual price rises.

To view the 200GB data SIM only deal, click the link above or keep reading for more Christmas SIM deals from Smarty.

200GB data SIM only plan: £17

200GB data SIM only plan: £17, £14 a month at Smarty
Get 200GB data for just £14 a month in the Smarty Christmas sale. This SIM only plan comes with 200GB of data, no speed caps, unlimited calls and texts, EU roaming and unrestricted tethering in the UK. This plan is on a no contract basis and you won’t see any price changes during the time that you use your SIM. Deal ends 13th February 2023.

If you’re on a tight budget this year, Smarty has just upgraded its 12GB data plan, offering customers double the data for the same low cost. Right now at Smarty, you can get the 12GB data SIM only plan for just £8 a month and with an extra 12GB on top, giving you 24GB data overall – more details can be found below.

For more cheap SIM only deals from different providers, check out our guide on where to save money on your mobile phone plan or search through the deals widget below.

24GB data SIM only plan: £8 a month at Smarty

24GB data SIM only plan: £8 a month at Smarty
In this festive deal, get 24GB data for just £8 a month at Smarty. This extra data deal offers the popular 12GB SIM with an extra 12GB for the same price. This SIM only plan comes with unlimited calls and texts, 5G and EU roaming, plus you can cancel it at any time. Deal ends 13th February 2023.

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