Sky TV Santa Tracker goes live soon – here's when and how to get involved

If you want to track the jolly red fellow on his delivery round, this is how to do it

The Sky TV Santa Tracker on a blue and purple background
(Image credit: Sky TV)

As we head into the last few days before the Christmas season, you're probably feeling just about as festive as you possibly can. The tree is likely up – along with a slew of other decorations, if your house is anything like mine – and the turkey is hopefully resting ready to be the star of the dinner table.

Of course, Ol' Saint Nick will be making his annual delivery round on Christmas Eve, bringing gifts to every household in the land. Santa has the kind of delivery stats DPD could only dream of, hitting record speeds as he traverses the globe.

That makes keeping an eye on his movements way more interesting than tracking your latest Amazon purchase. Fortunately, the the Sky TV Santa Tracker is nearly here to help you watch him on his travels.

The Tracker goes live on Christmas Eve, allowing eager onlookers to see how far the big fellow has gotten. Users will be able to find the tracker on their Sky Glass, Sky Stream or Sky Q device.

We previously wrote about the feature when it was confirmed to be making a return this time out. Now, we have more details for you, including a full list of commands.

Users will be able to use the following voice commands:

  • Where’s Santa?
  •  Santa Tracker
  • Where is Santa right now?
  • Follow Santa
  • Is Santa coming tonight?

Those all pull up the tracker itself. That's not the only fun which can be had with the app, though. There are also a list of questions which can be asked, prompting a response from the man of the hour. Those include:

  • Santa, tell me your favourite Christmas cracker joke
  • Santa, how does your Christmas day end?
  • Santa, what are you doing now?
  • Santa, what do you do in the summer holidays?
  • Santa, what is your favourite music?
  • Santa, how many elves do you have
  • Santa, when will you get here?
  • Santa, am I on the naughty list?
  • Santa, how many mince pies have you eaten?
  • Santa, will you come for Christmas dinner?
  • Santa, what present am I getting?
  • Santa, am I on the nice list?

It's a great festive upgrade for Sky TV users. It should be more than enough to keep younger viewers entertained as they wait for their own appearance from the big guy.

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