Simba’s new mattress has more layers, springs and luxury than ever before

Simba launches its most luxurious hybrid mattress yet

Simba Hybrid Ultra launch
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Simba has just announced a new addition to its popular Hybrid Mattress range, the Simba Hybrid Ultra. The brand’s most luxurious and natural mattress yet, the Simba Hybrid Ultra is made up of an astonishing 13 layers of foam, springs and comfort for its most cooling and comfortable night’s sleep yet.

British online mattress brand, Simba is well known for its range of hybrid mattresses, many of which have landed themselves in our guide to the best mattress. The new Simba Hybrid Ultra is joining Simba’s most popular collection, and it has big shoes to fill.

Currently making up the Hybrid range is the Simba Hybrid Original, the 5-star Simba Hybrid Pro and the Simba Hybrid Luxe, all of which feature multiple foam and spring layers for depth and comfort. But the new kid on the block, the Simba Hybrid Ultra is surpassing its predecessors with its highest spring count ever from the company.

The idea behind the Simba Hybrid Ultra was creating the most comfortable mattress money can buy. Simba gave its engineers free rein to try whatever they wanted to create the ultimate sleeping experience and after many tests and experiments, the Simba Hybrid Ultra was the result.

The most impressive part of the Simba Hybrid Ultra is the layers. The mattress has 13 layers of springs and foam and it has two completely new layers that Simba has never used before. Within the 34 cm deep mattress are the new FusionCool top layer and the new PureLift layer.

The FusionCool sits beneath the top layer and offers breathability, temperature control and moisture wicking properties to keep you cool through the night. Slightly further down the mattress is the new PureLift layer which adds extra bounce and support. Between these foams are two layers of Simbatex foam which is graphite-infused for heat control and support (see our Simbatex Foam mattress review for details).

Simba Hybrid Ultra

(Image credit: Simba)

If you thought that was enough foam, you’d be wrong as the Simba Hybrid Ultra also has a Certipur Stability layer which is sandwiched between layers of springs. This foam gives the mattress more structure, support and stability. All these layers give the Simba Hybrid Ultra a medium-firm feel that will appeal to a number of sleepers, particularly back sleepers.

Speaking of springs, the Simba Hybrid Ultra is made up of 8,500 titanium Aerocoil microsprings. The mattress has broken them up into a layer of 3,500 springs above the support base at the bottom of the mattress and the other 4,000 springs are higher up between foam layers. This construction allows for cradling support that moulds to the body but keeps you elevated and prevents that sinking feeling you find with the best memory foam mattresses.

Another great feature of the Simba Hybrid Ultra is its use of natural and recyclable materials. Its new PureLift foam is a blend of latex and coconut, and its FusionCool foam is made up of wool, bamboo and kapok. Not only do these materials offer brilliant comfort and anti-allergenic properties, but the entire mattress is completely recyclable.

Pricing on the Simba Hybrid Ultra starts at £2,599 for a single size and each mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee. As the brand runs Simba mattress deals and sales throughout the year, you can already find a 40% discount on this new luxurious mattress.

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