Last day to knock over £500 off T3's #1 mattress

There's 35% off the Simba Hybrid Pro, but not for much longer

Simba Hybrid Pro deal
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Today's your last day to knock 35% off any of the award-winning mattresses at Simba – including our favourite Simba Hybrid Pro. This mattress is exceptionally comfortable and top quality, but can be pricey. If you've had your eye on one, today's the day to buy: the offer expires at the end of the month. You need to spend £300 to claim. This price-drop is in line with best Simba mattress discount codes or deals we ever see.

Pick from any of this top brand's three mattresses: as well as the T3 Award-winning Simba Hybrid Pro (at the top of our best mattress UK guide), there's the newest addition, the super-luxurious Simba Hybrid Luxe, and the best-selling Simba Hybrid Original. We prefer the two top-end models, both of which deliver impressive cooling tech, excellent support and comfort. The Pro has a sumptuously soft top layer over a firmer mid-layer, while the Luxe has an overall firmer, more consistent feel, but both are excellent mattresses. 

Save 35% off the full mattress range at SimbaDeal ends: midnight 31 July 2021

Save 35% off the full mattress range at Simba
In line with the best-ever discount we see from Simba, for a limited time you can knock 35% off your order at Simba. It's valid on any of Simba's three excellent mattress: the 5-layer Original, T3 Award-winning, 7-layer Pro, or super advanced, 10-layer Luxe, you just need to spend £300 or more to claim.
Deal ends: midnight 31 July 2021

Our favourite Simba mattress is the Simba Hybrid Pro. With a comfortable soft top and supporting layer underneath, plus strong temperature regulation and good movement isolation, we found this mattress supremely comfortable to sleep on. We also highly rate the more advanced Simba Hybrid Luxe (slightly firmer, with a more consistent sleep surface). 

If you're after something cheaper, the Original Simba is still an excellent choice. This model combines up to 2,500 conical pocket springs with a responsive foam layer – plus a ‘Simbatex’ cooling layer to reduce overheating and a hypoallergenic outer cover – the Simba Hybrid claims to be the most advanced mattress in the world. We certainly found this brilliant bed in a box to be extremely comfortable and supportive, particularly for our restless side-sleeping reviewer. We also noticed a reduction in motion transfer as well, so if you have a partner who's prone to tossing and turning you won’t be disturbed. 

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