Simba has a new budget mattress, and this 40% off makes it even cheaper

The Simba Essential mattress boasts the same quality materials as its supremely comfortable siblings, but in a streamlined design

Simba Essential mattress
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Simba has added a fourth model to its excellent mattress range. The Simba Hybrid Essential features a pared-back design and more purse-friendly price tag, but uses the same materials – namely Aerocoil microsprings and Simbatex foam – that you'll find in the brand's pricier offerings. And more good news: despite being new to the family, the Simba Hybrid Essential is currently 40% off, which means a Double comes in under £500. 

Simba is the brand behind our #1 best mattress UK right now – the Simba Hybrid Pro, which sat in the middle of the range until the Essential joined the party. We're also huge fans of the range-topping Simba Hybrid Luxe and original Simba Hybrid Original. The Essential is cheaper and simpler in design than all of those. 

Simba Hybrid Essential mattress: Double was £829, now £497.4 at Simba (save £332)40% off all sizes!

Simba Hybrid Essential mattress: Double was £829, now £497.4 at Simba (save £332)
40% off all sizes! The Simba Essential is a 20cm hybrid mattress. Its four layers include tiny Aerocoil springs for comfort and cooling Simbatex foam for pressure relief, and it's zoned to provide support exactly where it's most needed. Right now, there's a huge discount when you buy direct from Simba.

Strictly speaking, it might not be completely new, because there's been a Simba Essential as part of the Simba Amazon range for a while now – although this is the first time it's been included on the brand's own site. At RRP, the Double is £829, which is far from what we'd consider a 'cheap' price, but this brand has very regular sales (like this current one) that mean you can probably expect to only pay 60-70% of that price. Head to our Simba mattress sales page or Simba discount codes page to see how you can save. (Or if you're looking for something cheaper, we have a selection of even more wallet-friendly options in our best cheap mattress guide.)

So what do we know about the new addition? The Simba Essential is a 20cm deep and contains 4 layers. By comparison, at the top end of the range the luxe is 31cm deep and made up of 10 layers. Don't let that put you off though – a thinner mattress will be much easier to manoeuvre and you won't need to buy special deep sheets. Really, it's all about how well it delivers on the comfort front.

At the top, you'll find a soft, hand-knitted and hypoallergenic sleep surface. It's not removable for washing, which is to be expected at this price (in fact, none of Simba's mattresses have zip-off covers – it's one area where the brand falls down compared to competitors). A decent mattress protector will do the trick though, if you're prone to spillages.

Simba Essential mattress

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Next up is a later of open cell Simbatex. This is a type of foam that appears in all of Simba's mattresses, and is designed to provide comfort and pressure-relief without trapping too much body heat, as memory foam can sometimes do. It's also infused with graphite, which apparently draws heat away from the body. I'm not sure about that, but I will say the Simba mattresses I've slept on do a good job of not heating up overnight, so I have high hopes for this one.

That's followed by a layer of 1,500 Aerocoil springs. This is a special, patented spring type that's made from super-strong titanium, which means it can be smaller and finer than typical bed springs while still providing excellent support. Finally, at the base of the Essential, you'll find a foam base, which has been split into five zones of different firmnesses, to provide support where you need it most.

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