Save £180 on iPhone 8 with this sweet AirPods bundle deal from Virgin Mobile

This Virgin Mobile deal gets you iPhone 8 and a pair of Apple AirPods for a tasty discounted price point

iPhone 8 Apple Airpods

Virgin Mobile is offering a bundle deal that allows you to save £180 on iPhone 8 and pair of Apple AirPods when bought on contract.

For £29 per month over a 36-month term, or £40.50 a month over a 24-month term, that means you can pick up the 64GB iPhone 8 with 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data, and also get Apple's £159 AirPods thrown in to boot.

What's more, if you fancy the bundle deal with more data or minutes, then you can upgrade the contract as well, with 1,500 minutes / 3GB, 2,500 minutes / 5GB, unlimited minutes / 40GB data, and unlimited minutes and unlimited data options available.

You can view the full details of the iPhone 8 and AirPods deal below:

iPhone 8 + Apple AirPods deal at Virgin Mobile

Until April 3, 2018, Virgin Mobile is offering a bundle deal that allows you to pick up the well-received iPhone 8 and Apple AirPods on contract and save £180.

There are a variety of contracts that can be bundled in with the deal, with the cheapest ringing in for just £29 a month on a 36-month term and including 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data.

Virgin Mobile's top contract, "Truly Unlimited", delivers unlimited minutes, texts and data for £48 on a 36-month term. All contracts can also be picked up on a 48-month term, too, however these cost more per month.

View iPhone 8 + Apple AirPods deal at Virgin Mobile

We reviewed both the iPhone 8 and Apple AirPods favourably here at, so the idea that you can combine them both and save a large chunk of money too, with a contract chosen to suit your intended usage scenarios, definitely appeals.

As such, if you've been thinking of upgrading your iPhone, and also fancy quality, fully-wireless audio, too, then this deal could very well be worth checking out.