Save £144 on Apple's iPhone 11 Pro and get Disney Plus free on O2 right now

Lower monthly and upfront costs for the iPhone 11 Pro and up to 12 months of Disney+ on O2 right now

Apple iPhone 11 Pro O2 deals
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's iPhone 11 Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best smartphones money can buy, at least with with an Apple logo on the back. It can do everything and more... and more... and more. It's a beast of a handset. And O2 is offering some pretty spectacular deals right now.

The iPhone 11 Pro, which sits one tier below the 11 Pro Max, has a 5.8-inch display, Apple's custom A13 chip, up to 512GB of storage, all-day battery life, and an awesome three-camera array on the back that offers amazing wide-angle and low-light photos and video without having to endlessly tweak settings. 

On top of that, it has Apple's iOS 14, one of the best updates to date that includes widgets, a load of new apps, and tonnes of other tweaks besides. Read our iOS 14 review for more but the bottom line is this: Apple's OS has evolved to such an extent that it's basically perfect, whether you're aimlessly playing around or putting in the hours at work.

And on top of all this, O2 is offering some genuinely stunning deals for the top-tier iPhone, with relatively low monthly and upfront prices, plus up to one year of Disney+, alongside strong UK network coverage and other perks. If you're looking to upgrade or get in on the iPhone game, now is a very good opportunity.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro  | 36 months | 90GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | Save £144 over the contract | £29.99 upfront | £53.44/month from O2 (opens in new tab)
O2 is offering an iPhone 11 Pro with up to 12 months Disney+ and 90GB data, which is a lot, for a low upfront cost and relatively low monthly price. Hurry, though, the deal ends on October 7. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro | 36 months | 15GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | Save £144 over the contract | £39.99 upfront | £50.16/month from O2 (opens in new tab)
This is the same deal as above, with the same perks and offers, except with a bit less data. Honestly, we'd recommend going for the slightly more expensive monthly option and getting 6x the monthly data allowance. Offer ends October 7.

Whether this is your first iPhone or your 10th, the iPhone 11 Pro is an absolutely stunning top-tier handset that will serve you well for years to come. We can't find a single fault, either with the phone or with this deal from O2. 

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