Samsung’s new Jet cordless vacuum cleaners are lightweight, powerful and more hygienic

Samsung launches new Jet cordless vacuum cleaners

 Samsung Jet cordless vacuum cleaners
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Samsung has just announced its new line of Jet cordless vacuum cleaners. With more power than before, the new Jet vacuum cleaners come with better hygiene and pet friendly tools as standard, and like everything Samsung designs, the design is feature-packed and attractive.

While Samsung is best known for its range of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, its Jet vacuums have quickly found themselves on our list for the best cordless vacuum cleaners. Earlier this year, Samsung announced its Bespoke Jet AI, its world’s first UL Verified AI cordless stick vacuum that cleans complex environments and different floor types using its AI mode.

Following this success, Samsung has just announced on the Samsung Newsroom UK its new line of Jet cordless vacuum cleaner range, made up of the new Jet 65, 75E, 85 and 95 models. All new vacuums have a similar cordless stick design and come with additional pet tools to better hoover up and detangle pet and human hair.

One of the most exciting parts of the new Jet cordless vacuum range is the new lightweight design. Compared to its predecessors, the new Jets are easier to maneuver, carry up and down the stairs and convert into a handheld vacuum cleaner. Each vacuum has a longer lasting battery life with up to 60 minutes run time on a single charge.

Despite its lighter weight, the new vacuums have a digital inverter motor with 150W to 210W suction power for a deep and professional clean. With the Jet Cyclone, the new vacuums have extreme suction power that can effectively clean in those hard to reach areas. With 27 air inlets and 9 separate cyclones, the vacuums’ aerodynamic design optimises air flow and minimises the loss of suction to effectively clean each room in your home.

Samsung Jet 65 Pet

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Another major improvement to the Jet cordless vacuums is its ability to deliver a hygienic cleaning solution to your house. Each vacuum has a multi-cyclonic air filtration system that traps 99.999% of dust particles, dirt and debris. Not only does this make your house cleaner, but it improves the air quality. The new Jet cordless vacuum range is also compatible with the Samsung Clean Station which makes it easier and more hygienic to empty the dustbin (which is never a fun job, right?).

In addition to its improved power and hygiene features, the new Jet vacuums have pet tools for cleaning up after your cat, dog or other animals. The Pet Tool has a rubber nozzle and bristles that are designed to pick up all pet hair, and if you need more pet focused features, the Jet 85 and 95 models have the Pet Tool+.

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner and you have a pet that sheds a lot, the new Samsung Jet cordless vacuum range is the one I’d pick.

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