Samsung Galaxy S10 codename suggests it will be an iPhone X-beating innovation fest

The 2019 Galaxy will go Beyond expectations, hopefully with more than just an in-screen fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy S10 codename
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We've heard a few rumours about next year's Samsung Galaxy S10: that it'll come with 5G, an all-new Infinity Display and upgraded processors, and possibly even a new name, as Samsung drops the 'Galaxy S' line. 

All these things are needed as jaded consumers have become bored with phones that are only a little bit more amazing than their immediate predecessor.

Well, we've got a snippet of news that hints Samsung wants the S10 to go 'beyond' our expectations.

According to MySmartPrice, the Samsung Galaxy S10 just got an internal codename, and that codename is... Beyond.

Yes, beyond as in 'superior to' and 'surpassing'. As in, beating the iPhone X, the Galaxy S9 and the Note 9.

Previously, the Galaxy S9 was given the codename Star, while the S8 was codenamed Dream. Beyond is better than both of those, right? It makes us think of Star Trek level technological breakthroughs, or at least a nifty in-screen fingerprint reader to make other phone owners jealous.

Apple's iPhone X, which is either a runaway success or a total flop, depending on who you ask, tore up the rule book for how iPhones look. It was a showcase for next-level tech, such as facial unlocking, almost-bezel-free OLED screens, and the ability to turn yourself into an exquisitely animated, talking turd. 

With the Beyond, Samsung could be intending to do the same, with a refreshed appearance, 5G connectivity and a payload of new tech bombs to drop, bringing victory in the never-ending phone wars a little closer. 

Samsung is seemingly pretty confident at the moment: it's also just given the upcoming Note 9 the codename Crown, implying it will be the King of all Smartphones. 

Will the new S10 live up to its early hype? Check out the S10 concept video below to see how one designer envisions it.

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