Is this the Samsung Galaxy S10 you would buy?

In-display fingerprint reader, 2K SuperAMOLED screen, DeX 3.0 wireless sharing, a frosted glass casing, and more!

Samsung Galaxy S10 render
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

A concept video showing a very slick looking Samsung Galaxy S10 has hit the internet and it makes the upcoming Galaxy phone look simply awesome.

The video, created by Concept Creator, dramatically depicts the Galaxy S10 with a series of next-generation hardware and features, including the long-rumoured in-display fingerprint reader, 2K SuperAMOLED screen, DeX 3.0 wireless sharing, a luxe frosted glass casing, and more.

In addition, the video shows the S10 coming in multiple different colour schemes, including a very nice looking dark red, and – amusingly – a headphone jack, too. Clearly the future of flagship smartphones is one that continues to accommodate wired headphones.

Check out the full Galaxy S10 video below.

Looks super lush, right?

All these features and hardware improvements would make perfect sense to us here at T3. Reports have suggested for a while that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would feature an iPhone X-style 3D-sensing camera, so camera sensor improvements seem on the money, and considering the incoming Galaxy Note 9 reportedly just missed out on having an in-display fingerprint reader, it seems only natural that the S10 will have one.

An improved high-resolution SuperAMOLED screen and third-generation DeX (the second generation is a marked improvement over the original) also seems like a good fit for the phone, which if released as depicted here, alongside a tasty new set of internal hardware, would almost certainly make it one of the best smartphones to be produce.

For us, though, it's all about that luxe red colourway... mmm, red.


Lead image credit: Concept Creator

Video credit: Concept Creator

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