Samsung TV range set for MASSIVE wallet-friendly upgrade

Samsung 2021 TV line-up packs premium tech that won't break the bank

Samsung TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

A new Class 9 filing for Samsung could be a key component to the company’s future plans for its high quality TV line-up. The trademark, which was filed in Australia on November 18, 2020, includes the words “Samsung Quantum Mini LED”, seemingly outlining the Korean-based company’s plans for new TVs in 2021.

The inclusion of keywords like Quantum and Mini LED seem to point to Samsung’s QLED line-up, and Samsung’s plans to further improve the series of TV offerings as we head into 2021. There isn’t much information on the trademark, but the filing is labelled as Goods & Services, with a description that reads: “Televisions; Television display apparatus.”

Mini LED technology, which has appeared in displays like that of the MSI’s Creator 17 laptop, has been cropping up more and more as rumors pop up of companies like Apple and now Samsung making use of it. 

Unlike standard LED displays, which utilize hundreds of LED nodes to provide backlighting, Mini LED tech will include thousands of miniature LED nodes that measure less than 0.2mm across. 

This tighter packing of nodes allows for better local dimming, which ultimately allows Mini LED to perform similarly to OLED, which allows the nodes to turn on and off as needed. This helps reduce the backlight bleed, which is often seen in LCD and LED displays.

This possible change for Samsung is good because the increased amount of Mini LEDs included in the display would allow for improved colors, deeper blacks, and better contrast ratios, without all of the complexity that comes from using OLED or even Micro LED in the displays. 

Since Mini LED technology can trace its roots back to LCD technology, it offers a less complex option for display makers than Micro LED, which offers similar traits but at a more expensive and more complex level. 

By making use of Mini LEDs, Samsung could possibly be putting its QLED line-up in a more affordable place for both the company to make and the consumers that are looking to purchase one.

While the trademark doesn’t reveal the company’s full plans, the little bit we do have to go off of suggests that we could start to see Samsung’s QLED TVs making use of Mini LED technology in the future, maybe even as early as next year.

 Source: LetsGoDigital