Samsung Galaxy S21 launch blindsides fans with THIS unexpected upgrade

Samsung lines up Galaxy S21 double threat

Samsung Galaxy S20
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung is shaking things up with the Samsung Galaxy S21. Radical visual changes are being made to the Korean tech giant’s flagship model as its curved screen is replaced by a flat ‘Blade Bezel’ display, and its chassis likely built from an unexpected glasstic material.

And now it looks like the Galaxy S21 is facing a big audio shakeup, too, as a new pair of Galaxy Buds is set to accompany the smartphone. Just as Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds Live along with the Galaxy Note 20, it’s starting to become a tradition for a new model of buds to accompany the latest entry in the Galaxy S series. Excited fans can expect no less from the S21 with the launch of the Galaxy Buds Beyond.

Although the existence of the Galaxy Buds Beyond was previously hinted at, the launch of these true wireless earbuds to coincide with the S21’s release has received additional confirmation from a leak to SamMobile. Its sources also confirm the buds will receive some sweet new improvements over previous models in the Galaxy Buds line.

A first for Samsung’s in-ear buds, the Galaxy Buds Beyond will come equipped with Active Noise Cancellation to block out unintended distractions from your listening experience. While the Galaxy Buds Live also had ANC, their bean-shaped, out-of-ear design meant they couldn’t leverage full sound blocking. Hopefully, the more penetrative shape of the Galaxy Buds Beyond will provide all the noise cancellation you need.

For those who are less concerned with isolating their listening experience, the bud’s ambient mode will also be improved. This mode allows the user to hear general environmental sounds around them, so they can keep their ears piqued to what’s going on while also enjoying whatever’s playing on their phone. There will also be hardware upgrades to improve general sound quality.

Apple’s Apples AirPods Pro did a good job of improving upon the ANC and sound quality of the models that came before it, so the Galaxy Buds Beyond will have some stiff competition.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to be unveiled on January 14 next year. It’s likely the Galaxy Buds Beyond will be unveiled at a similar time, so keep your eyes peeled for these audio delights.

If you really can’t wait for a pair of true wireless earbuds, check out the ongoing Galaxy Buds Live Black Friday deals to grab a pair while they’re still on sale.

Source: SamMobile