Galaxy S21: is Samsung lining up new AirPod Pro 2 rivalling Galaxy Buds as well?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are already among the best true wireless headphones: how great can Galaxy Buds Beyond be?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
(Image credit: Samsung)

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 out in a few months and the proper successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip coming a few months after that, it’s a very good time to be a fan of the company. It also seems Samsung is lining up its next set of true wireless earbuds to go with it, and judging by the name, we could be in for some big upgrades: get ready for the successor to Galaxy Buds Live: Galaxy Buds Beyond. 

True wireless AirPods rivals are 10 a penny right now but Samsung's last effort – Buds Live – were genuinely innovative and excellent, with their combination of noise cancelling, comfortable fit, surprisingly good sound, and a shape like a Heinz baked bean. So what can Galaxy Buds Beyond do to rival the inevitable Apple AirPods Pro 2 next year?

As reported by 9to5Google, the new name for the earbuds was revealed in a US trademark filing.

Unlike a patent, there’s no way of garnering any extra information about the earbuds other than their name, but it’s still interesting to see the direction the company is going with branding here.

It’s hard not to have images of Buzz Lightyear come to mind when you combine words like Galaxy and Beyond, but we can probably assume they won’t be going for the same colour scheme as that famous character. Hopefully, the moniker suggests some improvements are in store for the wireless earbuds.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus launched this year in March, it seems likely that we can expect to hear more about the Galaxy Buds Beyond in the first few months of 2021, with a release potentially around the middle of the year.

This could well coincide with the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Z Flip 2 launch, which could make for a very big 2021 for the company. 

Source: 9to5Google