Samsung has just pulled the ultimate move to make me buy the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3

In a first for the brand, Samsung is offering multiple trade-ins against its upcoming foldable smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
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Samsung has announced its August Galaxy Unpacked date, and is building hype by letting fans reserve the unannounced foldables already – and for the first time ever, it's giving them the option to trade in more than one device to cut the upfront cost. 

Twitter leaker Max Weinbach was amongst the first to notice, sharing a Samsung tweet that encourages fans to "be first to reserve your next Galaxy." This appears to be exclusive to the Samsung US site for now, but if you make your way through the reservation process, you'll be presented with the option trade in up to two devices. 

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked reservation page

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Samsung usually restricts customers to a single device for trade-ins, which can knock hundreds off the price. You can get up to £600 off the Galaxy Z Fold 2 right now, for example, if you trade in an iPhone 12 Pro (128GB and 256GB models). Being allowed to trade in two devices, including tablets and wearables, means you could reduce the price of the brand new Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 significantly.

It's already been rumoured that the prices for the foldables will be 20% cheaper this year, but the bad news is that Samsung could be sacrificing some aspects of its foldable flagship to keep costs down. After all, with the Google Pixel Fold set to debut this year alongside foldables from Oppo, Vivio, and Xiaomi, Samsung is going to need to up the ante now that it's going to have to compete against other brands and their devices. 

Xiaomi is already catching up to Samsung in terms of global smartphone shipments, having overtaken Apple already with a massive 83% surge in growth. Samsung appears to be keenly aware that its monopoly in the foldables market is about to be challenged as the technology is quickly adopted by other smartphone brands. 

The price is the largest barrier to entry when it comes to foldables, but Samsung is tweaking the specs and offering promotions to make sure that it's within the realms of being somewhat affordable. If we see Samsung carry this promo over to other regions, I'll be on board without question. I've lamented the days of fun mobile phones, and both the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series have injected a fresh take on mobile devices while looking stylish to boot. A price dropand two trade-ins is too good an offer to pass up to get on the foldables train. Choo choo!

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