Google Pixel Fold's awesome leaked display makes me wonder why Apple is dragging its feet with iPhone 13

The Google Pixel Fold is reportedly launching this year with a 120Hz LTPO display, and Apple need to up the ante

Google Pixel Fold
(Image credit: Waqar Khan)

The Google Pixel Fold hasn't yet been officially confirmed but a new leak suggests the device will be sporting a 7.57-inch 120Hz LTPO panel courtesy of Samsung Display. And it won't be the only foldable smartphone incorporating the company's display tech.

Ross Young, co-Founder and CEO at DSCC, has shared more of his insider knowledge on the goings-on in the industry, saying that "all 2021 foldables using panels from Samsung Display will be 120Hz and LTPO." The Google Pixel Fold is amongst the lineup, as well as Samsung's own Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3.  

Young also lists a 7.11-inch foldable from Oppo, a gargantuan 8.2-inch foldable from Vivo, and a sizeable 8.1-inch from Xiaomi. The latter has the potential to shake things up this year, having already overtaken Apple in terms of worldwide smartphone shipments; it's now just behind Samsung after an 83% surge in growth, and is poised to topple the Korean tech giant from the top of the charts. 

While we don't have launch windows for the devices, it's likely we'll see the Google Pixel Fold make its debut in October if the company decides to unveil it alongside its Google Pixel 6 flagship.

With the pivot towards foldable smartphones, the traditional candy bar form factor seems increasingly uninspired. However, while companies like Samsung perfect the hardware and refine newer technology like under display cameras, Apple is sitting on the side-lines ready to release the iPhone 13 which is looking more outdated by the day. 

Sure, we'll get a processor upgrade, but that's a given. It's features like the notch, and the 60Hz display that make the impending iPhone 13 feel bland by comparison. This year's iteration will only see 120Hz panels on the Pro models, according to recent leaks and rumors, and while the notch might be shrunk down a little, it's still going to be there obscuring a significant enough portion of the display to be irksome.     

Sales of the iPhone 12 have been great so far, resulting in a "volume super-cycle". Apple has put its money on the iPhone 13 selling even more units that the iPhone 12 but with the novelty of even more foldables this year, and affordable price points to boot, it may struggle to replicate the success of the iPhone 12. 

Shabana Arif

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