Samsung partners with Eve for major upgrade that Android users will love

Samsung SmartThings and Eve team up for better home energy monitoring

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Samsung SmartThings has announced a new partnership with Eve Systems for better home energy monitoring. This upgrade enables users of the SmartThings app and the Eve Energy smart plug to track their energy consumption across various devices and appliances around their home.

For those new to Samsung SmartThings, it’s an application that allows users to manage compatible electronics, appliances and smart home devices directly from their smartphone or tablet. Available for both iOS and Android users, SmartThings is often overlooked in favour of Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, although all four work in a similar fashion (see how to start a smart home with Samsung SmartThings for more information).

The Samsung SmartThings app acts as a central ‘hub’ where users connect smart gadgets, monitor their status, personalise routines and manage the home. With this in mind, SmartThings and Eve have teamed up to bring Eve’s smart plug monitoring capabilities to the SmartThings platform.

Eve is well known for its best smart plugs that are built on Thread. How Eve works with Samsung SmartThings is its Matter-compatible smart plug and power metre which offers excellent energy monitoring and tracking. With this new partnership, users can now track energy consumption of their everyday appliances through the Samsung SmartThings app, thanks to the Eve smart plug.

Not only does this upgrade allow you to monitor how much power you’re using but it also expands the number of compatible Samsung SmartThings brands and products that support home energy management. For example, when you plug in a non-smart device like a coffee machine to the Eve smart plug, you can see on the SmartThings app how much energy it uses when both in and out of use.

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Being able to see this energy consumption breakdown helps you to calculate the overall power consumption and monthly costs. From there, users can make changes to how they use their devices to keep their energy bills down. Through the Samsung SmartThings app, you can further optimise your home energy usage by setting up automations and routines to use your appliances and non-smart gadgets more efficiently.

While Samsung SmartThings is available on both iOS and Android devices, this partnership really makes a difference for Android users. Previously, the monitoring feature of the Eve smart plug was only available on Apple Home and the iOS version of the Eve app, so this upgrade means Android users can now use this feature. This update also means non-Samsung appliances can be viewed on the SmartThings app when plugged into the Eve smart plug, which increases cross-platform compatibility and connectivity.

Having this energy monitoring feature is incredibly handy. It’s easy to plug something in and completely forget about it and this just one of the many reasons why having things on standby or plugged in and turned on when they’re not in use is a huge energy drainer.

There aren’t that many smart plugs out there with this energy monitoring feature so this partnership between Samsung SmartThings and Eve is giving users better knowledge and control over how much power they’re using and how they can make changes.

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