Samsung officially reveals how you may be able to afford a Galaxy F foldable phone

Samsung confirms it will be churning out more foldable phones in the future

Samsung Galaxy F

The Samsung Galaxy F, aka Galaxy X, will be expensive when it first launches as the company's first foldable phone, that's a given. But you may be able to get your hands on one sooner than you think according to a new reveal from Samsung itself. 

Samsung's head of mobile D.J.Koh has said that the company plans to release a new foldable phone every year. That means Samsung is investing in the new type of handset which will help to drive the price of the technology down. With the Galaxy F tipped to cost over £1,000, that's a very good thing.

On top of this commitment from Samsung, competitors like Huawei and LG have already expressed their plans to release at least one foldable phone. If Samsung is going to keep doing it, you can bet they will too. All that adds up to even more competition on manufacturing costs which ultimately should lead to more affordable foldable phones for us.

The downside? This is still very early days so these prices won't be going down for at least another year. But then the tech will likely be better refined, so perhaps waiting a year and saving money isn't so bad. 

With 5G being pioneered in 2019 also, expect the batch of 2020 phones to better integrate the two technologies in a way that's more portable and gentler on battery life.

Samsung is expected to launch its first foldable phone, potentially called the Galaxy F, very early in 2019.

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