Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 leak reveals exciting under display camera upgrade

Leaked official Samsung document reveals upgraded under display selfie camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold folding phone in a woman's hands
(Image credit: Samsung)

During the very week that Samsung is set to unveil its new best foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, a slide from an official Samsung presentation has leaked out showing how the new Fold is coming with upgraded under display selfie camera technology.

The slide (visible below), which was leaked in a (now removed) tweet by Twitter user @SamsungRydah, shows how the Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with a new screen technology that means its under display selfie camera is even less noticeable.

According to the slide the Fold 4 does this by utilising a new "Scatter" screen tech, which differs from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's "Collective" screen tech. 

This change in tech means the Fold 4's screen has a ppi (pixels per inch) of 132, while the Fold 3 only offered 94ppi, too.

The result? A less visible selfie camera under the screen and better image quality.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 presentation slide

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 under display camera upgrade slide revealing the improved tech over Fold 3.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Looking at the slide, the under display camera appears a lot less pronounced, while text displayed over the camera on the screen is much clearer, with a 40% cognitive resolution increase.

Naturally, Samsung has not confirmed if this information is accurate, and right now we have no other proof other than this slide that this selfie camera upgrade is incoming.

However, judging by how official the slide looks, and the fact that the revealing tweet has since been taken down due to "a report from the copyright holder", says to us at T3 that Rydah has indeed somehow got his hands on official documentation and that the Fold 4 is going to come with this upgrade.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 under display camera opinion

Here at T3 we've spoken for years now about how the dream, for phone enthusiasts worldwide, is for 100 per cent invisible under-display cameras.

Pin-hole and teardrop cameras have been fine, and even pop-up cameras weren't bad, but the truth is that the ultimate experience would be a interruption free screen that also delivers a powerful, high-resolution under display camera underneath it.

Up till now under display cameras that have been used, such as the one on the Fold 3, have still been quite visible, and the camera quality itself has not been as premium as non-under display cameras.

As such, a reduction in visibility from the Fold 4's under display camera would be excellent, as too better image quality for images and text displayed over it.

However, what we don't know from this leak is if Samsung has actually improved the image quality of the selfie camera underneath the new screen tech. Only time will tell, but right now we're enthused by this potentiality.

We'll be reporting on the Samsung Unpacked event live this Wednesday, so be sure to come back to then for the official unveiling and full picture.

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