Samsung Galaxy Watch users to get a huge free upgrade with health and AI features

Your smartwatch is about to get even smarter

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 press photos
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Samsung has just announced a major upgrade coming for a host of Galaxy Watch users.

The upgrade uses AI for better health tracking – but will it come to your model?

One of the most impressive ascensions in the tech world of late is the smartwatch. Once the ugly duckling of the industry, they're now a staple for most people, with more users than ever before.

If you're an Android phone user, chances are you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch. The Korean outfit has been right near the top of the game for many years now, making them a hit with users.

Now, the brand has announced a fairly seismic upgrade coming to their smartwatch lineup. Following on from the introduction of Galaxy AI on Samsung phones earlier this year, the brand is bringing AI capabilities to the watch range.

According to their press release, Samsung is planning to use AI on their wearables to build on the health tracking capabilities in the device. The combination of Samsung Health data and the Galaxy AI should – they suggest – offer more comprehensive insights and targeted motivational encouragement.

Users will get an Energy Score, which will give them a better understanding of their conditioning. That combines analysis of metrics like sleep time, sleep consistency, activity in the previous day, heart rate and more.

There will also be Wellness Tips on the device. Those are set to help users achieve their personal health goals, offering insights, motivation and guidance based on your specific targets.

On top of those features, there's also just the potential for greater accuracy and precision. Fusing the data already collected by Samsung Health and the smartwatch with the processing capability of AI should give users access to much more insight on their overall wellbeing.

The new features are said to be available with the next-gen Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 devices, which should hit the market later this year. However, they also note it will be available as part of a beta program starting in June. The eligible devices for that beta program include the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series.

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