Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra looks even more an Apple rival in latest batch of leaked press renders

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra have both leaked, and the Ultra looks awfully Apple-y

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra leak
(Image credit: X / EvLeaks)
Quick Summary

Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra show a strong family resemblance. Unfortunately that family is Apple's. The leaks also show the Galaxy Watch 7.

Newly leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra show a design that's so close to that of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 that it might want to do a paternity test. That isn't helped by the use of orange, which is something Apple's premium wearable makes good use of – not least in the orange band that appears in so many of the Apple product's marketing photos. One of the images, of the watch shown side-on, makes it really hard to tell whether you're looking at a Samsung or an Apple wearable.

The similarities extend to the band too. Other Galaxy Watch models use a spring pin connector. But this watch has what looks awfully like the slide-in connections of, you've guessed it, the Apple Watch. They're so similar that the Samsung bands even have the same little button to help release them. 

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is a 47mm model, which is 2mm smaller than the Apple Watch Ultra, and it has LTE connectivity.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is pretty much what you expect

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 leak

(Image credit: X / EvLeaks)

Alongside the Ultra images, EvLeaks has also posted images of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 to X. The images include the new olive green colour pictured here, and they show that design-wise it's pretty much business as usual for Samsung's well established wearable. 

That said, if you look closely at the images you'll see something that's being used across Samsung's wearables and earbuds: the use of blue and orange accents. They're on the bottom of the Galaxy Bud 3's stems, on the budget Galaxy Watch FE, and on the Galaxy Watch 7 they're little fabric flashes on the band immediately above and below the watch itself. I like them: it's a little bit of playfulness that brightens up the design, and it's nice to see it being applied across multiple products.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 will be unveiled at Samsung Unpacked, which takes place on 10 July 2024. US customers can register their interest to get a discount when the products – and other members of the family including earbuds and Samsung's two foldable phones – are available to order. 

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