Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 features seem to be have been outed by Amazon

A listing found on Amazon has just spilled the beans

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 worn by sleeping woman
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Samsung's next Galaxy Watch might have been leaked by a placeholder Amazon listing. 

It has some product details, but we don't know for sure if it's accurate. 

Samsung's list of surprises for its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event just won't stop getting spoiled – this is shaping up to be one of the most-leaked launch events we can recall (in a crowded field). 

The latest comes via a store page uploaded to Amazon's Canadian site, which appeared to be for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 (albeit with placeholder images of a Chromebook instead of actual photos of the watch). It was spotted by PassionateGeekz and, somewhat amazingly is still live on Amazon at the time of writing. 

The page isn't massively detailed, but it's titled "Galaxy Watch 7 40mm BT - Cream". This already tells us the forthcoming smartwatch will come in a specific size, along with at least one colour that it'll be available in, and that it'll come in a Bluetooth-only version alongside LTE options. 

Its bullet points also indicate that the watch will sport a new chipset at its heart, a 3nm processor that should bring more efficiency and indeed power to the table. This being 2024, there's also a point about AI: "Leverage Galaxy AI smart reply to help find the right words and tone when replying to messages on the watch."

That seems like we'll have AI tools on the watch itself, not just a linked phone. This could be handy if you're starting to use them more and more. A product description mentions 100 hours of battery life, which would be a really great line to push past if it's accurate.

That question is sort of the key one for the listing, too - time will tell whether this is a placeholder that goes live after the event, with all of its details proved correct, or whether it's just a test page with some random copy on it that might well be out of date.

The good news is that we don't have to wait too long to find out. Samsung itself still hasn't officially confirmed the timings for its event, but a heap of leaks have all but cemented the date as 10 July, in a couple of weeks' time. We'll learn more about the Galaxy Watch 7 and a bunch of other devices, from the Galaxy Ring to the latest in its lineup of foldable phones – the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6

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