Samsung Galaxy users are getting a cool free Android phone upgrade

Remember when Samsung Wallet became Samsung Pay? It's Wallet again, but now it's much better

Samsung Galaxy S22
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If you've got one of the best Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22, you're getting an important free upgrade: Samsung Pay, which replaced Samsung Wallet, is being replaced by Samsung Wallet. It's Samsungception! 

The name may be old but the app is new: it combines Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass in a single app to make payment and identification more streamlined.

If you're into cryptocurrencies, you can also see data from your Samsung Blockchain Wallet, although given the diving crypto prices right now that's probably not going to be your happy place for the time being.

The new app also has a very big update in the form of digital keys for a whole selection of new cars, and for digital house keys too. And if you're flying with certain airlines you can use it to store and provide your boarding passes too.

Samsung Wallet

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Simpler, more streamlined and a lot more useful

If Samsung Wallet sounds a bit like Apple's Wallet app, that's because it is: it's designed to emulate everything a real wallet or purse might include, so it's a payment app, an ID app, and a place to store things like tickets and passes. With this version it's adding electronic keys for the Genesis G90, Hyundai Palisade and several recent BMWs, and it's also compatible via SmartThings with electronic door locks from multiple third party manufacturers. 

Not every Samsung phone is compatible with every car: you need a phone with Samsung's eSE security system in it. That was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S20 range. Some cars also require UWB connectivity, which first appeared in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. However the payment, ID and boarding pass features are available for most recent Samsung phones.

The app is available now in the UK, US and in Europe for owners of Samsung phones with Samsung Pay and Android 9 or newer. 

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