Samsung Galaxy S9 to be one of the first phones to get Android P update

Android P, Q and beyond are coming quicker thanks to Project Treble

Samsung Galaxy S9 Android P update

The Samsung S9 may already look like a tempting offering based on hardware alone but now it’s been revealed that its software is going to be cutting edge, too, with rapid Android updates.

Reported on TechRadar, the Samsung Galaxy S9 should come packing in Project Treble. This is a new initiative which means phone manufacturers can update to the latest operating system much faster than before. As a result the new Android P update, and following Q release, should come to the Samsung Galaxy S9 sooner.

The idea behind Project Treble is to future-proof new phones so that software updates that previously took months to adopt are now done in far less time. Since the Google Pixel 3 will likely be the first phone to launch with Treble it’s an important addition for Samsung if it wants to keep up with the latest updates.

Of course, phones that run pure Android are always going to get the latest operating system updates first. But that may not always be a good thing as waiting a little while can mean bugs are worked out first. Extreme situations like the Samsung Galaxy S8 getting Android Oreo when it’s already old can be avoided in the future thanks to this new Project Treble addition.

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