The best Samsung S9 deals

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The best Samsung S9 and S9 Plus deals

The Samsung S9 phone is a stunner. Great screen, camera and fantastic features make it an absolute must-have phone for anyone looking to pick up the latest and greatest Galaxy. We gave it 5 stars, a perfect score that we also gave in our Samsung S9 Plus review.

On this page we're rounding up all of the best Samsung S9 deals as well as all of the best Samsung S9 Plus deals. So whether you want the standard S9 or the larger, slightly better S9 Plus, you'll find all of the best deals on this page.

Here you'll find a handy price comparison tool which will enable you to sort and filter through all of the available S9 and S9 Plus deals currently available in the UK. It includes all of the deals direct from the networks like EE, O2, Vodafone and Three, as well as from resellers like Carphone Warehouse and

Word to the wise, it's almost always cheaper to go via a reseller than direct to a network for these big flagship phone releases.

Samsung S9 deals: price comparison

Samsung S9 Plus deals: price comparison

Samsung S9 deals: should you go SIM only instead?

It's often cheaper with brand new phones to simply buy them outright and pair them with a SIM only deal instead. There's a selection to choose from below.