Samsung Galaxy S24 configs leak, which will you choose?

RAM upgrades and some new colours

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We're barrelling towards the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch at a rate of knots, and leaks for the upcoming flagship series of smartphones continue to spill out as it gets nearer. Now, we have details on the potential colours, storage and RAM configurations you can expect from the S24 range.

A pair of photographs posted by tipster Revegnus on X appear to show the various configuration options. It looks like someone has snapped a picture of a computer monitor, grabbing the details from some form of inventory system.

If these shots are accurate - and it's worth taking this unverified source with a pinch of salt - this is how the line-up is shaping up.

The baby of the range, the Samsung Galaxy S24, will be offered with 8GB or RAM and the choice of 128GB or 256GB of storage. There will apparently be four colour choices; gray, black, violet and yellow. 

Next up is the awkward middle child, the Galaxy S24 Plus, which is slated to pack 12GB of RAM and offer you the choice of 256GB or 512GB of storage. Colour wise, this leak suggests it'll be the same four hues as the S24.

Finally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is listed with 12GB of RAM and a trio of storage options - 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The same four colours are also shown as options for the S-Pen toting Ultra.

How do they compare to the S23 series?

Compare these to the previous generation, and they look more believable. The Galaxy S24's RAM and storage options in this leak match its S23 predecessor, while the Galaxy S24 Plus is set for a RAM upgrade as it shifts to 12GB (the S23 Plus has  8GB of RAM).

And the Galaxy S24 Ultra has 12GB of RAM across the board whereas the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with 8GB of RAM in its base 256GB configuration.

These are only small upgrades in RAM, which would make sense as the S24 series is lining up to be an incremental upgrade in the Galaxy S generations rather than a major overhaul.

In terms of colours, the S23 series was available in four base colours; Cream, Phantom Black, Green and Lavender. There were then a few online exclusive colours, with Graphite and Lime available across all three devices, and Sky Blue and Red reserved for the Ultra.

With four colours listed in this leak (black, violet, gray, yellow), these could be the base colours all three of the Galaxy S24 handsets launch with, with Samsung potentially offering exclusive colours via its website, or at a later date.

We expect the Galaxy S24 series to launch in February 2024, but there are some rumours which suggest it could even arrive in January. Either way, we're not all that far away from an official unveiling. 

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