Samsung Galaxy S22: 3 things we can infer from the Samsung Unpacked trailers

We've got multiple Samsung Unpacked trailers now, and this is what we think they tell us about the Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 launch event Samsung Unpacked
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The Samsung Galaxy S22 is coming, with it widely reported to be launching at the incoming Samsung Unpacked event on 9 February 2022.

And now Samsung has just dropped two short trailers for the Samsung Unpacked event that, in our mind, reveal a few interesting things about what we can expect from the new Galaxy S22 range.

Here are the two trailers, both posted up on Samsung Mobile's official Twitter account. Remember that last detail especially, the trailers have been posted up on Samsung Mobile's Twitter account.

And, well, why would they get posted up on this account if they weren't to do with mobile phones? Exactly.

So, what do we think these two trailers tell us about the Samsung Galaxy S22? Here are 3 things we think we can infer:

1. Low-light photography is a focus

Ok, this one is darn obvious. In the first Unpacked trailer Samsung literally accompanies it with the phrase "break through the night". The trailer is also set 100 per cent at night, with the camera swooping into a dark tunnel to reveal a phone with a tiger on it with glowing eyes, and then a person running up some stairs in the dark to capture a nightscape. We also see a brief shot of a person riding a bike being recorded in a dark room.

As the trailer closes we see the phrase "break through the night", too, and on the Samsung newsroom post that accompanies this trailer Samsung states:

"To create the devices that push us ahead, rewrite the future and bring light to the dark, we must continue to break the rules of what is possible with a smartphone."

Combine all these things and it seem obvious to us that the Galaxy S22 is going to take low-light and/or night time photography to a new level of awesome.

Samsung Unpacked

(Image credit: Samsung)

2. S Pen inclusion in the Galaxy S range is happening

The shorter second trailer, which shows "S22" in a box morphing into an "S", is accompanied by the phrase "The Epic Standard", which crucially is written on the screen in a handwritten font.

Now, as T3 has detailed extensively, the S22 Ultra handset is widely expected to come with full digital S Pen functionality, taken from the now defunct Galaxy Note series.

The "S" here, as such, points to us here at T3 to that S Pen integration, and that is absolutely backed up in our mind by the handwritten "The Epic Standard".

The fact that the S is shown within a box also infers to us that the S Pen is included in the box you buy, that it comes as standard and can be stored inside the Galaxy S22, with the S shown cleverly within the S22 when viewed from a different angle.

3. Performance boundaries look set to be broken

Both trailers' descriptions mention the phrase "break the rules" and "epic standard", which to us here at T3 infers that the Galaxy S22 is going to break through performance boundaries that are not just limited to photography.

This is backed up in our mind by Samsung's recently released Galaxy S22 processor trailer for the Exynos 2200, which details all the ways that the system-on-chip improves on its predecessor as well as what advanced new features it brings.

Indeed, the Exynos 2200's Xclipse graphics processing unit is reportedly the world's first mobile GPU that supports real time ray tracing as it is based on AMD's RDNA2 architecture.

If the Exynos 2200 performs as Samsung says it will, then a new "epic standard" for performance (and notably gaming performance) will be hit by the Galaxy S22.

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