Samsung Galaxy S10 could be an iPhone XS Max killing giant

New screen leak reveals the size of the next step up from the mighty Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 might still not be revealed until early next year but that hasn't stopped the rumours leaking regularly. The latest has revealed that the screen could be Samsung's biggest yet, even out-growing the Galaxy Note 9 and Apple's new iPhone.

According to Korean news site, The Bell, Samsung plans to make the screen on the S10 a whopping 6.66-inches. The plan, it claims, is for Samsung to out-do Apple in the face of its latest iPhone XS Max which is the company's biggest phone ever at 6.5-inches. That puts it ahead of Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 which has a 6.4-inch screen.

Samsung is a screen manufacturer so it makes sense for it to always lead the way with the largest and highest quality displays on the market. So expect the S10 not only to get a giant 6.66-inch AMOLED screen but for it to also have the latest ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint sensor that's been long-rumoured.

With that screen as the focus, Samsung has apparently given the phone the code name DaVinci. Expect this screen to also feature no notch, no bezels and no buttons for a true all-screen display.

Samsung is rumoured to launch the S10 in at least three size and spec variants very early in 2019.

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