Samsung Galaxy Note 20 breaks cover in the mother of all leaks

Forget the iPhone 12 Pro Max – the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be the best phone this year

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is one of the most anticipated phone releases this year. We know the phone is set to come with a redesigned S Pen and many of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series' best features, like the Snapdragon 865 chipset. Otherwise, we've heard plenty of unsubstantiated leaks and rumours without real weight, and we're angling for something concrete.

It looks like the Samsung gods have delivered. Noted Galaxy leakster Ross Young speaks to YouTube channel GregglesTV on everything coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and we've learned a heck of a lot about the new handset. 

Young believes the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will come in two models: the "baseline" Note 20 with a screen size of 6.42", and a Note 20 Plus with a screen measuring 6.87". Both screens are in line, yet slightly larger, than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 counterparts. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, both screens will be coming with optional 120Hz refresh rates. 

Young reiterated the Note 20 and Note 20 Plus will arrive with the S20 series' awesome Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip. We've heard this rumour before, and Young's revelation corroborates it: the 5G-capable 865 chipset is powering almost all the current-gen Android flagships. 

Qualcomm Snapdragon

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Both Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus will arrive with 16GB of RAM. This is double the bog-standard 8GB RAM for Android flagships coming through, and more than twice as much what Apple is reportedly planning to give its iPhone 12. 

This is worrying news for Apple as its biggest model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be completely outclassed on the memory front. This should really put the iPhone manufacturer on notice!

iPhone 12

Has the iPhone 12 Pro Max just been outclassed?

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Other details leaked by Young include batteries ranging between 4,000mAh and 5,000mAh capacity to power the phones, and Qualcomm's second generation Sonic Max fingerprint scanner. At 17 times larger than Samsung's current fingerprint scanner, the Qualcomm chip can reportedly scan two fingerprints simultaneously for additional security coverage. 

There's no doubt about it: the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus sound like formidable pieces of kit, packed with top-of-the-line technology. Young's final detail suggests the Galaxy Note 20 will debut early August and release late August-early September, as Samsung hopes to catch a market emerging from the strains of the current global health crisis.

Is this enough for the Note 20 range to make a splash, or will it be overshadowed by the crisis and competitors like the iPhone 12? Watch this space to find out.

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