Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 hands-on video leak shows sports watch in full

Samsung's latest tracker is coming very soon

Galaxy Fit 3
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Samsung clearly plans to formally announce its latest fitness tracker soon, considering that we've not only seen it leak but  boxes have started to appear on some shelves early.

Now we have a full hands-on video showing the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 from every angle.

It looks like Samsung is taking things in a substantially new direction for its next fitness tracker in the Galaxy Fit line.

A new hands-on video appears to show the Galaxy Fit 3, which hasn't yet been announced, on store shelves, and a major difference is immediately clear compared to the Galaxy Fit 2

The new fitness tracker is much bigger, going from a pill-shaped tracker to a portrait-orientated rectangular one that's much more like the best smartwatches in its size and shape. 

The Arabic-language video has actually been online for a short while, but was spotted this week by Slashleaks, and has since picked up more attention. 

Previous leaks had already indicated that the screen on the Fit 3 would indeed be getting bigger than its predecessor, and we now have pretty much direct confirmation.

You can see the tracker's box in the back, too, for further verification that this looks like the genuine article. 

With both a black and silver version of the tracker on show in the video, we also know about at least those two variants of it, along with a fair few watch face options that are scrolled through in the video. 

The tracker's display should be AMOLED, given this was the tech used on the 2022 Fit 2, it'll be 1.6 inches rather than 1.1 inches. 

Other parts of the video also detail a 13-day battery life estimate, and compatibility with Find My Phone in case you misplace the tracker. Interestingly, that battery life is actually a week shorter than the Fit 2's, which could go for 21 days.

This suggests that the larger screen could be making it harder for Samsung to eke out the same battery levels on the newer device. 

Still, with fall detection also seemingly arriving, there are plenty of upgrades - and we'll doubtless learn about a few more when Samsung deigns to officially unveil the Galaxy Fit 3, which could happen at any point now. 

Until then, we don't have any indication of pricing or release timings, nor do we know for certain that the information in this leak, credible as it is, can actually be relied upon factually. 

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