The new Samsung Galaxy Buds will battle AirPods by being better, not bean shaped

Photos reveal Galaxy Buds are going back a rounded shape in last-ditch bid to defenestrate Apple AirPods Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro
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A recent leak revealed exciting details on the next iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds then known as the Galaxy Buds Beyond. 

Now we might have our first real look at the next-generation earbuds in all their rounded glory. There are also images of the sleek accompanying case alongside another name: the Galaxy Buds Pro. 

Unveiled by reputable leaker Evan Blass, Samsung already appears to be abandoning the unusual bean design of the Galaxy Buds Live. Instead, the Galaxy Buds Pro is opting for a rounded shape akin to the original Galaxy Buds rendered in a striking violet color (also a speculated variant of the upcoming Galaxy S21).  

Blass notes that the Pro model will complement the Galaxy Live Buds so those who prefer the beans won’t be out of luck. Furthermore, he pins their launch within the first quarter of 2021, roughly lining up with the rumored release date for the S21. It is likely that Samsung will reveal both the Galaxy S21 and galaxy Buds Pro at the same event. 

One thing that won’t be changing is the case design. Also pictured in violet, the case appears to be a rounded square nearly identical to the Galaxy Buds Live, rather than the pill shape original Buds owners will be familiar with. The Buds Pro therefore appears to combine traits of both predecessors into one ultimate model. 

There’s far more under its beautiful surface too. The new wireless buds will earn their prestigious Pro moniker with full Active Noise Cancellation. As striking as the Live’s bean aesthetic is, their unique shape prevent complete sound blocking, resting outside the ear. Given that the Apple AirPods Pro has earned praise for its enhanced noise cancellation technology, the Galaxy Buds equivalent will have to step up its game if it wants to compete. 

There will also be various hardware upgrades to improve sound quality, and an enhanced ambient mode for those who do not want total background noise removal. With only a month to go until the likely reveal of the Galaxy S21 and Buds Pro, make sure to listen out for more information very soon. 

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