Buy Nvidia RTX 3070, 3080, 3090 online: bot stock checker helps you get your next-gen graphics card today

This bot automatically checks Nvidia RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 stock. Watch it work now and get your graphics card upgrade

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 3080 3090
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We think it fair to say that the launch of Nvidia's new RTX 30-series cards has been pretty much a disaster for PC gamers. There is, quite simply, a monumental shortage of the new RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 graphics cards available, which is something being exacerbated by scalper groups using AI reseller bots to buy up large swathes of them and hold them hostage behind massively inflated prices.

Luckily, though, a group of developers have decided to help PC gamers the world over out and have designed their very own AI stock checking bot that automatically checks stock and unit amounts for the Nvidia RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 at US and Canadian retailers.

The bot's work can be viewed right now, live and for free, over on the Falcodrin Twitch stream, which is also embedded directly below.

What makes this AI bot checker so useful is that stops gamers having to constantly bounce around between stores desperately trying to find one that just happens to have just got a stock of new RTX 30-series cards. Gamers can just watch as every second the bot reports back in with updated information on graphics cards stock.

The live Twitch stream also has useful updates posted, too, such as how retailers are notifying PC gamers as to when their new stock will drop. For example, right now Newegg is tweeting in advanced of dropping any new units, and the bot also tells games when a card is in stock but has had its price elevated by greedy retailers looking to make a quick buck.

While there is of course still a large uphill battle to land a new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 series card, and for RRP, thanks to this community AI stock checking bot and notification service (there are audio alerts built in, too!) a few more loyal PC gamers will have a merry Christmas this year.

If we can just now get such a service for the most recent Nvidia RTX 30-series card launch, the RTX 3060 Ti, which actually outperforms a RTX 2080 Super, then we'll be super happy here at T3, as it is these lower-level cards that the majority of gamers want to pick up.

While the dream is always to have a RTX 3090 under the hood, the brutal reality for the vast majority of PC gamers is that $2000 is way too much to spend on just a graphics card and, truth be told, way too much to spend just to hit 4K resolution with a really strong framerate.

Here at T3 we think the RTX 3080 is the smart bet for high-end systems, and the 3070 and 3060 Ti for mid-tier gaming rigs, so the sooner more gamers can pick up a card at RRP and not get brutally ripped off by a greedy scalper the better.

Where to buy Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti

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The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti achieves its impressive performance thanks to being loaded with 4864 CUDA Cores, a base clock of 1.41 GHz, a boost clock of 1.67 GHz, 8GB of GDDR6 memory with a 256-bit interface, 2nd generation ray tracing cores and 3rd generation tensor cores.

In addition, the RTX 3060 Ti supports Nvidia DLSS, Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate and PC Express Gen 4.

As mentioned above, this means that the RTX 3060 Ti is faster than the RTX 2080 Super basically across the board, as can be seen in the below graphic, which shows the two cards performance side-by-side in a suite of current-gen games.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

(Image credit: Nvidia)
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