Samsung 2021 TV models leak: ‘QLED Neo’ Mini-LED sets coming soon?

Leaked names reveal new potential 4K and 8K TVs

Samsung Q800T
(Image credit: Samsung)

Just when you thought we could go another day without another tech company springing a CES leak… As we reported last week, the names of Samsung's 2021 line up have already leaked but further model numbers and classes have briefly shown up on a Samsung support page.  

As reported by FlatPanelsHD, two 8K follow ups to the existing 8K Q900TS and Q800T models are apparently on the way. These have the model names QN900A and QN800A. 

While that first Q can pretty much be guaranteed to indicate QLED as it is in the current line up, it doesn't take much to work out that the N is probably short for the rumoured 'Neo' name, which may refer to Mini-LED tech. According the briefly glimpsed support page, these two screens will be available in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch flavours. 

And it won't just be 8K TVs getting the Neo treatment. Also spotted were the QN95A, QN90A, and QN85A screens. In theory, these will be three 4K ranges that will also make the most of mini-LED technology. 

Again, the same support page says that these will be available from 50-inches up to 85-inches so there will be no shortage of screens with the new display tech 

Mini LED, not to be confused with the very expensive MicroLED tech, makes the most of tiny LEDs in order to improve backlighting, colour and contrast. 

This could in theory sharply bring the LCD world up to the levels of OLED but without the brightness issues that still plague current OLED screens. 

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While we should be taking all of this with a pinch of salt, we have had some official news from Samsung ahead of the digital version of CES next week. Its 2021 range will have a Dolby Vision IQ like adaptive brightness solution called HDR10+ Adaptive. 

This will alter the HDR dependent on your light levels to make sure you get the best colours for your surroundings. Presumably this will be on these new Neo screens so we'll just have to to wait until everything is revealed next week.

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