Sage launches its most compact food processor and it’s surprisingly powerful

The Sage Paradice 9 is small but mighty and perfect for smaller kitchens

Sage Paradice 9
(Image credit: Sage)

Sage launches its most compact food processor to date, the Paradice 9. Designed for smaller kitchens, the Sage Paradice 9 comes with colour coded accessories and multiple dicing attachments for versatile chopping, shredding and slicing.

The Sage Paradice 9 is available to buy now for £299.95 at Sage.

Sage has just launched its most compact yet powerful food processor to date. The new Sage Paradice 9 is perfect for smaller kitchens, and comes with multiple colour code accessories and attachments for faster, simpler and more versatile meal preparation.

For those who hate chopping their ingredients, the best food processors make light work of your mise en place. So far this year, Sage has already launched a new Paradice 16 processor, a large capacity processor with a 3-in-1 chute and sky high price tag. Despite the success of the Paradice 16, its size was a little too big for some chefs, which is why Sage has developed the Paradice 9.

Designed for smaller kitchens and countertops, the Sage Paradice 9 has an all-new compact size but still packs a powerful punch. As stated by Doug Nash, General Manager of Cooking and Food Preparation at Sage, “built with precision, power, and ease-of-use in mind… the Paradice 9 will save time and fuss in the kitchen, with a food processor that's compact enough to sit on your benchtop for everyday use, yet durable enough to last.”

The Sage Paradice 9 has a nine cup capacity and 650W of power which allows it to easily and precisely shred, chop and slice fruits, vegetables and other types of food. The new food processor has a 2-in-1 wide feed chute to accommodate all shapes and sizes of foods, and it works alongside a large half grid and blade system for precise 12mm dicing.

Sage Paradice 9

(Image credit: Sage)

My favourite feature of the new Sage Paradice 9 is its colour coded accessories. Housed in an onboard storage caddy, the colour coordinated accessories makes preparing your food much simpler and more hygienic, and helps you ‘cook by colours’ when using Sage recipes. The attachments that come with the Sage Paradice 9 include a reversible shredder, adjustable slicer, dough blade, S blade and the 12mm Paradice dicing kit.

Ideal for both experienced chefs and beginner cooks, the Sage Paradice 9 is incredibly easy to use with its power, play/stop and pulse settings. The brushless induction motor can handle the toughest kitchen jobs with its updated direct drive and the bowl and lid is durable and easy to clean.

The Sage Paradice 9 is available to buy now for £299.95 at Sage.

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