Sage’s Paradice processor slices and dices in seconds but its price will shock you

Food doesn’t stand a chance against the Sage the Paradice 16 food processor

Lifestyle image of the Sage the Paradice 16 food processor surrounded by bowls of food
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Small appliance brand, Sage has just revealed its new state-of-the-art food processor, the Paradice 16. This new processor might be the best model that Sage has created so far, and while its power and attachments are pretty impressive, its price leaves a lot to be desired.

If you despise chopping, slicing and dicing food, then you need one of the best food processors, as they make light work of these boring cooking tasks. With precision at the forefront of its design, the Sage the Paradice 16 has developed a new process with a generous capacity, easy storage and a variety of attachments for all your cooking needs. 

With a 3.6-litre capacity, the Sage the Paradice 16 can handle any fruit, vegetable or other food that you throw at it. It has an updated direct drive and high-torque 900W motor that easily tackles most food preparation tasks, even with foods that are tough and difficult to chop.

For precise results, the Sage the Paradice 16 is equipped with a 3-in-1 feed chute, with options ranging from 45mm to 140mm, depending on what you want diced. With the chute options, you don’t have to worry about pre-preparing your food before it goes into the processor, and once it’s in, the attachments will take care of it for you.

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(Image credit: UK Juicers)

Speaking of attachments, that’s where the Sage the Paradice 16 shines as it comes with multiple slicers, blades and more. Included with the processor is an adjustable slicer, reversible shredding disc, French fry disc, potato peeler, dough blade, mini blade, Quad blade, main and mini spindles, and a bowl. Shoppers also receive a Paradice Dicing Kit with 8mm and 16mm dicing attachments.

Looking at the Sage the Paradice 16, it’s not a small appliance by any means, but it’s actually been designed to keep your kitchen organised. With the main unit measuring 45cm x 28.7cm x 23.4cm, it can sit comfortably in most kitchens, and it also comes with two custom storage containers for you to keep all your attachments in one place.

With all this power and accessories, it’s unsurprising that the Sage the Paradice 16 comes with quite a big price tag. At £579.95, the Sage the Paradice 16 is definitely one of the most expensive food processors on the market. For those who use a food processor on a regular basis, it could be worth the investment, plus its high quality materials promise that it should last you a lifetime.

The new Sage the Paradice 16 is available to buy at Sage and select retailers like UK Juicers.

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