Rumoured new PS5 DualSense controller sounds like a serious upgrade

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Sony PlayStation 5 controller
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If like me, you love your PlayStation 5 and play probably a little too much, you'll have encountered the nightmare scenario of being mid-game only for your controller battery to die and leave you desperately scrambling around for a USB-C cable. There's nothing worse than watching helplessly as you get shot/overtaken/ concede a goal because you didn't charge the DualSense controller.

What's so exciting then is that a listing for an improved pad has been spotted online.  Best Buy Canada currently has a listing for a so-called 'PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Controller' that boasts a much longer battery life. 

While it's unclear if this is a listing error or an accidental sneak peek, the new controller supposedly features a 12-hour battery life from a full charge. Yes, please! That's much better than the roughly six hours the standard DualSense has (with the DualSense Edge offering even less), and if true, would be a serious reason to upgrade.

That's not the only new addition either, while the controller itself seems to be (battery aside) functionally identical, there's something else supposedly included in the box. The PlayStation DualSense Charging Station is an accessory usually sold separately that lets you easily charge two pads at the same time with an easy docking system. 

Dualsense charger

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If this listing is correct then there's more good news, these upgrades won't come with a price rise, although if you prefer your controllers to be a bit funkier, there's no sign of different coloured pads with the bigger battery just yet, only white.

Of course, the PS5 controller is a special bit of kit already. Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers help create an immersive gaming experience, and getting to make the most of them without plugging in would be much appreciated. Now, if only the PSVR2 controllers could receive the same treatment, I'm always desperate to show off the magic of VR, only to be confronted with a message that the controllers are too low on battery to use.

Those following CES 2024 might have seen Sony demonstrate driving a car with a PS5 controller, but for now, a suped-up battery will do nicely.

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