Rumored Samsung Galaxy S22 camera sensor is super tiny but crazy powerful

The camera sensor that rumors suggest is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S22 is mind-blowingly tiny

Samsung Galaxy S22
(Image credit: Samsung)

We've heard a fair few rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 already, despite the fact that the phone is still over half a year away from release, but this latest one might be just the most exciting yet.

That's because reports have broken cover that suggest that the newly announced ISOCELL JN1 camera sensor, which has just headed into mass production, could be heading to the Samsung Galaxy S22.

And that's a big deal.

It's a big deal because the ISOCELL JN1 sets a new benchmark for camera sensors, with it being the first ever 0.64-micrometer (μm)-pixel image sensor. That micrometer figure there, for the uninitiated, means it is small, very small.

To see how small it is, check out the Tweet below, which shows the ISOCELL JN1 being held by a pair of tweezers.

What's most remarkable about the ISOCELL JN1 is that despite being absolutely tiny, it's actually a 50 megapixel sensor that also comes loaded with the latest state-of-the-art pixel technologies such as ISOCELL 2.0, Smart-ISO and Double Super PDAF.

Despite being tiny this is one crazy-powerful new camera sensor.

And, with Samsung confirming that mass-production of the chip has begun, speculation has begun in terms of identifying which future Samsung phone it is going to debut in, with the Samsung Galaxy S22 range thought to be the most obvious.

Now, of course, nothing official has been announced about the Samsung Galaxy S22, so we might end up not seeing the ISOCELL JN1 debut in that range. But considering the timeframes we're currently looking at it makes sense.

Could the ISOCELL JN1 debut in the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 foldable phone, which is slated to be announced in August this year? Well, technically maybe yes, as one of the biggest benefits of the ISOCELL JN1's tiny footprint is that it makes it much easier to work into a phone's design, even if it is folding phone complicated.

However, with a matter of months to go until that phone is announced, the timing seems off for ISOCELL JN1 inclusion.

Regardless, the announcement of the ISOCELL JN1 is really exciting news, and at least from T3's perspective seems set to take smartphone camera systems to a new level of quality.

To learn more about the ISOCELL JN1 then watch the below video.

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