Roku devices are getting a great free upgrade

Roku OS 11 brings loads of great new features

Roku streaming service being used on a large, wall-mounted TV
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Roku has taken the wraps off Roku OS 11, the latest software update to the firm's streaming devices. If you don't fancy getting a Chromecast or Fire TV stick, Roku are your people, supporting all the best streaming services.

In a blog post, Roku lists the updates within OS 11 and there are some seriously good ones coming down the pipe.

Top of the pile for us is automatic speech clarity. As Roku explains: "The new automatic speech clarity setting dynamically identifies and amplifies dialogue so you don’t miss a word, now available for Roku audio products."

For anyone who struggles to hear dialogue, or hates that dialogue is often much quieter than the soundtrack or other noises, this is a big, big win. Anyone who watches a lot of movies, especially, will benefit from this feature.

Roku have put a lot of work into making this feature great. In essence, an AI analyses the audio feeds and attempts to isolate dialogue within the broader soundscape. From there, those frequencies are amplified. Voilà!

But that's not all...

Roku OS 11 has a lot of other features packed in, too. These include: additional sound modes Roku Streambars and speakers; improved A/V syncing; an expanded What to Watch menu and Live TV on the home screen; and additional content on its mobile apps.

All of these, together with the improved dialogue features, elevates Roku to among the best streaming device makers going. And all of these features are delivered for free!

If you have a Roku device, go and download Roku OS 11 now.

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