Roku takes on Amazon with rechargeable remote – but you can't get it

Roku ditches batteries for a rechargeable remote control, but it's extremely limited

Roku Top Box
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Roku is finally getting a remote control that’s fully rechargeable – but in extremely limited supply. As if the fatigued tech community needed to contend with further scarcity issues considering the ongoing stock problems affecting the PS5Xbox Series X, and wider chip shortages. Can't we just have a surplus of something for once in 2021?

The new rechargeable remote, called the Roku Voice Remote Pro, entirely abandons AAA batteries for a fully-fledged rechargeable battery. This is extremely useful, as remote battery drainage is the bugbear of all boxset-binges.

Here at T3, we adore the Roku Streaming Stick+: it effortlessly puts 4K HDR video up on your screen, notably separate from the tentacles of Google, Amazon, and Apple, so it doesn’t hold any biases towards certain content.

Roku Voice Remote Pro

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By way of Reddit user KingTut206, it’ll reportedly offer a 'lost remote’ feature with voice-activated functionality to boot. The remote lets you issue voice commands, which should shave precious time off laborious channel changes from lost controls.

Of course, the big news here is Roku's decision to include a rechargeable battery – this is non-detachable, and it, unfortunately, uses a micro-USB, over the better, and faster, USB-C. You’ll struggle to get one, too: the Roku Voice Remote Pro is running on a very limited early access beta, restricting release to 2,000 remotes at a price of $29.99/£21/AU$38.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro sports two customizable buttons, alongside up to four pre-programmed channels for quick access to your favorite streaming services. The Roku Streaming Stick+ consistently tops our pick of the best media streamers, outclassing the likes of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, although Amazon's hardware offers fantastic value for money, and is currently undergoing a whopping discount

If you're ever able to nab Roku's new remote, it's best used in conjunction with something off our best TV list, using our best soundbar guide to pick a device to maximize your audio. With all these in place (and with your new Roku Voice Remote Pro), you should be well-set for an evening of lockdown streaming goodness. 

Source: The Verge

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