Rode's new Wireless PRO mics are already on top of my Christmas shopping list

The latest compact system from Rode is said to be the most powerful wireless microphone ever

Rode launches Wireless PRO microphone system
(Image credit: Rode)

Rode's wireless microphones are some of the most sought-after pieces of kit in content creation circles. I know because I have been looking at them for what feels like years. I was obsessed with the Wireless GO II, and when Rode announced the Wireless ME, I quickly began yearning for that instead. So when I heard about the launch of the Rode Wireless PRO, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach starting to flutter.

The new compact dual-channel microphone system looks similar to Rode's other wireless mics but features Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption for 'crystal-clear, incredibly stable' audio at up to 260m (850 ft) line of sight.

Better still, it has a 32-bit float on-board recording with 32GB internal memory, ensuring a clip-free audio experience in any recording application. This feature allows users to record directly to the transmitters with no chance of audio clipping. I first wrote about this unique feature when the Rode NT1 5TH Gen was released in early 2023.

Rode launches Wireless PRO microphone system

(Image credit: Rode)

"We've left no stone unturned when it comes to features in this new system, packing incredibly powerful and useful features like 32-bit float on-board recording and advanced timecode capability into the same compact, easy-to-use form factor that thousands of creators around the world use every day," says Rode CEO Damien Wilson.

As the 'PRO' bit in the name suggests, there are tons of advanced features available for more experienced creators and filmmakers, including the timecode capability for quick-and-easy audio sync in post-production and intelligent GainAssist, a flexible output gain control and safety channel to ensure pristine audio when recording direct-to-camera.

The Rode Wireless PRO is ready to go straight out of the box, thanks to the accessory kit it comes with bundled with, including a smart charge case, two Lavalier II microphones, cables, a MagClip GO magnetic mounting clip and an accessory case. The Rode Wireless PRO will be available to buy in late August for $399 (approx. £312/ AU$ 620); for more info, visit Rode today.

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