Ring’s new video doorbell delivers head-to-toe views & long lasting battery

Ring launches the Battery Video Doorbell Plus, with improved battery, head-to-toe views & HD video

Ring video doorbell launch
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Smart home company, Ring has just announced a new addition to its battery-powered video doorbell range, the Battery Video Doorbell Plus. This all-new video doorbell has been given an upgraded battery life and a wider field of view… but how does it compare to its predecessors?

Ring’s video doorbell range is pretty extensive, offering both wired and battery options that are packed full of smart security features. Ring design and manufacture some of the best video doorbells on the market and its battery-powered video doorbell options include the Door View Cam, Video Doorbell (2nd gen), Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 4.

Now joining the party, the new Battery Video Doorbell Plus is the next generation of Ring’s first ever battery doorbell, and it’s been given some serious upgrades. The Battery Video Plus is the first battery doorbell from Ring which has a 150x150 degree field of vision that offers a head-to-toe view of all visitors that come to your door. This expanded view gives users wider angles of their property and clearer visuals, so you can monitor your home more effectively.

Alongside the wider field of view, the Battery Video Doorbell Plus has the highest HD resolution of any other Ring battery doorbell. The 1536p HD video is much clearer than its predecessors and the camera also has colour night vision, so you can see everything clearly even during the night.

Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus

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Another big feature that Ring is excited about is the new and improved battery life. Compared to the first Ring Video Doorbell, the battery on the Battery Video Doorbell Plus is three times better and comes with energy saving features, so it can last even longer. All its features are designed to help conserve power usage by only detecting events that matter to you, for example, a stray cat going for a walk at 3am is probably not something you want to be woken up for!

The 150x150 head-to-toe view, 1536p HD video and longer battery life are the main new features that Ring has added to the Battery Video Doorbell Plus. But, this video doorbell also has the standard features you expect from Ring, including two-way talk, live view, noise cancellation, motion detection and privacy settings.

Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus

(Image credit: Ring)

So, how different is the Battery Video Doorbell Plus to the other members of the Ring family? The Battery Video Doorbell Plus is a whole new product but it’s more of a new and improved version of the video doorbells that came before them. If you currently own a Ring video doorbell, chances are you won’t want to replace it for the Battery Video Doorbell Plus, as you’re only getting an expansion on the features that yours currently has. However, if you’re new to Ring, the Battery Video Doorbell Plus is a good option to go for.

But what about the price? The Battery Video Doorbell Plus will be available to buy on the Ring website and Amazon on April 13th 2023, and it will cost you £159.99. Compared to the other models from Ring, it’s the same price as the Video Doorbell 3 and it’s cheaper than the Video Doorbell 4.

Will the Battery Video Doorbell Plus be better than the other battery-powered options from Ring? Time will tell!

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