Remember the Xbox fridge? Now there's an Xbox Series S Toaster

Even puts the Xbox logo on each slice

Xbox Series S Toaster
(Image credit: Walmart)

A couple of years ago, Xbox teamed with an appliance manufacturer to make a mini-fridge in the shape of the Xbox Series X. It sold out as soon as it became available and created quite the stir.

It's now readily available (from places like Currys in the UK) and still looks pretty cool – pun entirely intended.

Now there's a follow-up, but this time in the shape of the Xbox Series S. Oh, and rather than chill stuff, it heats it up.

That's because the latest tie-in product is an Xbox Series S Toaster.

Currently available from Walmart in the US, the toaster can handle two slices at a time, but likely only when using a small loaf. That's hardly ideal for a speedy breakfast, but it does come with one neat feature – it marks each round of toast with the Xbox logo.

It's also fairly inexpensive, at $39.99.

There are several other features too, including six levels of toast browning, a bagel option (although we're not sure what'll happen to the Xbox logo in that case), and am "auto-centering guide" to ensure the bread is placed in the right position.

The black Series S grille on the front seems to be for show, considering how hot the toaster needs to get inside, but we like the aesthetic.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a UK retailer stocking the Xbox Series S Toaster as yet, although you might be able to find one in mainland Europe.

There are some alternatives that are available though, such as the Pokémon Poké Ball 2 Slice Toaster from Menkind. It imprints a Poké Ball effect on your toast, but in a reverse way to the Xbox alternative – the Ball ends up being darker on the bread.

The added bonus is that it only costs £29 right now.

Razer never managed to turn its April Fools Joke from 2023 – the Razer Project Breadwinner – into a real product in the end. Although maybe it'll go back to it at some point if the Xbox Series S version turns out to be a success.

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