Reacher is back next month – Prime Video confirms season 2 release date

How can one man be so buff?

(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

We have a release date and trailer for season 2 of Reacher. We saw this coming from a mile away, and not just because he's so big. The first season of the Prime Video adaptation of Lee Child's books has an amazing 92% critics score and a 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, so it was a no-brainer to bring him back. 

Reacher season 2 will drop on December 15th with a three-episode treat and from then on we'll be treated to five more episodes at the rate of one a week. It's looking like a very Jack Reacher Christmas and New Year. 

The new series will be based on the novel Bad Luck and Trouble and finds a now solitary reacher dragged back into the fold when his old army buddies start getting picked off. Let's be honest though, we're only here for one thing really, seeing the big guy beat up some baddies, and the trailer shows plenty of that. Reacher is a much more physical presence than an agent like Bond and it looks like we're in for plenty of brute force this season too. 

We love Tom Cruise but when you compare Alan Ritchson's hulking performance to that of Cruise in the 2012 movie, it couldn't be more different. I know I keep going on about his size but Alan Ritchson seems to have gotten even bigger (and taller?) and he was pretty big to start with. To say Ritchson is just a body however would be harsh. He has enough gravitas for the softer moments too. 

To be honest, if you weren't too invested in Reacher before, this new series looks unlikely to change your mind, but if you liked the first outing, then more of the same is on the way. Expect twists and turns, one-liners and a whole lot of dishing-out justice. 

Andy Sansom
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